28 Days of Self-Love

with Melissa Simonson

You are invited into a sacred space of Self-connection, Sisterhood

Support and Self-expression; A space to tune in and align 

with your deepest needs; A space to listen and flow

 with the unique call of your soul. 

It is your birthright to feel vibrant, confident, at ease; to know

your power, to unleash your creativity; There is a world

within you, awaiting your discovery, awaiting 

to call you home. 

Welcome to 28 Days of Self-Love—A glorious opportunity to tune in & commit to your self-care, to be supported in sacred sisterhood, to gain clarity and take actions that align with your deepest values and desired feelings, & to learn simple, yet transformative rituals that will ignite the the limitless power within you. You will be walking in the world feeling well-held, in flow and empowered in your full capacity to create and thrive.

Are you ready to fall in love with ALL that you are? The next 28 Days of Self-Love begins on October 30th. 

28 Days of Self-Love

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At your very nature, who you are is a limitless being. Beyond your personality and more powerful than any ancient priestess, empress, queen—you are Love itself. Life itself. The same force flows through you as it breathes through the trees. 

You are also unique. A singular wave within an ocean, a precious leaf within a forest of green. You were born a gift, to give a gift that flows from the essence of your very being. You were born to feel, to reflect, to connect, to express; to grow toward the light; to thrive.

The power of ALL-THAT-IS speaks to you through your deepest desires, your longings—your needs. When your needs are met, your life force is unleashed and the love that you are is free to dream and bless those around you with your very being.

When your needs are unmet, you experience pain, anxiety, disconnect. And in that space, you can start to forget that you are as vast as the ocean, as expansive as a forest of giant redwood trees—feeling separate and alone, you begin to reach outside yourself, you start to judge yourself and compare yourself against other beings. When you don’t feel good, it is easy to default to unconscious strategies—attachments, addictions, old relationship patterns in your search for peace and ease. All the while, your needs are calling you, an inner compass awaiting to guide you to the very truth of who you are and set you free. 

Welcome to 28 Days of Self-Love, Dear Heart. A program to bring you home to yourself, to awaken you to the voice within you to ensure that you are feeling GOOD because your needs are met abundantly. It is time to reconnect. It is time to unleash your full creative capacity. Your life is far too precious for you to be anything but free. 

I created this program to give you the tools to tune into and meet your needs day-to-day so that you are feeling radiant and fully alive and your highest purpose can flow through you, effortlessly, blessing you and all those who you encounter. Will you join me? Here is what you will receive:

  • Your very own Playbook with practices & powerful inquiries for each of the 28 days
  • 2 recorded 1-hour group calls where you will connect with other beautiful souls, create powerful intentions, & learn tools that serve your radiance & self-expression from me as your coach and biggest cheerleader
  • Your very own private Self-Love Circle on Facebook, with no more than 10 members where you can support & celebrate one another and receive direct insight and feedback from me each week.
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: A 45-minute One-on-One coaching session with me where I will meet you with compassion & laser insight to create shifts in an area of life that matters to you.

The next 28 Days of Self-Love begins on October 30th. Register now to ensure your spot!

28 Days of Self-Love

      $197 USD (*or sign-up with a friend for $127!)

*for the sign-up with a friend option, include the name of the person joining you in the special instructions when checking out on PayPal, and have your friend do the same.

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Praise for Melissa and 28 Days:

lineathene“Participating in the 28 Days of Self Love is the best gift I have given myself in a long time. I thought it was going to be about me, and that I had to put other things on hold for a little while – something that can feel quite stressful in a busy schedule, but like magic, a lot of great things happened in my life when I chose to be aware of myself and how I felt and make choices in favour of taking really good care of myself. My experience through these 28 Days of Self Love is that the best thing you can do for your life and your business is to take really good care of yourself. This program showed me how to do that in a very concrete, step-by-step-way which was easy to follow. And Melissa was Awesome! Her playbook was great and she really has a huge, warm, compassionate heart. I felt so nurtured, inspired, cheered on and taken care of as I went through my journey and she held the space for us and followed us along the way. It’s so much easier to commit to giving your self love when you follow a program like this, and Melissa really is a perfect companion.” ~ Line Athene Birkely, Norway


“Throughout this 28 Day Self-Love journey I was able to truly meet myself with curiosity, interest, and compassion the way I would with a loved one. I learned that I can create a sacred space for myself to be heard, to be loved, to feel powerful, joyful and sensual. This had an incredible effect in my everyday life with my family and friends. Starting with a commitment to give myself love first truly is the key to be able to effortlessly give love to those outside of me. I am so grateful to Melissa for creating such an incredibly loving and safe place to share this process. I was able to share my story, my struggles and my triumphs and learn from other women going through similar struggles and who have similar goals and it made for a powerful place of self-discovery and self-love. The most powerful part of the process was to discover that I have an incredible capacity to bring forth in my life what I truly desire and I have all of the tools I need within me to handle what comes my way. I am most impressed with my courage and strength to be vulnerable, authentic, and open. Thank you Melissa for guiding me through a powerful process of falling in love with myself, so that now I may be able to brightly and unstoppably make a difference by spreading the love in this world.” ~ Alanna Bergquist, Canada, www.shiftingperceptions.ca

“I loved Melissa’s positive, warm & loving energy. I walked away with a new understanding of what really matters to me in my life right now. It helped me to embrace more fully my desire for more pleasure and enjoyment in my life and shifted my understanding of my relationships towards more intimacy and freedom. I feel more empowered again to create my own reality from my heart desires, and to let go of any need for control, performance or achievement.” Kris K., Berlin, Germany

“I really felt supported and guided by a loving hand…or voice, rather ;). With the clarity and insights I’ve gotten, I plan to work on being accountable and honoring/nurturing/loving myself. I plan to set goals for myself and focus on what I need to do for myself and create a wholeness in myself before running off to help others. I want to take the reins of my life, take action, and thrive…and then others will be able to thrive with me. Melissa brings a depth and understanding to her work that translates to the information gathered through discovery during her sessions. Plus, she is a personal cheerleader who wants everyone to radiate in their self-love and project their goodness into the world.” Geri, E., Madison, WI.

“Melissa is so caring and loving! I wish I could have her around all the time to lift me up! The best part is that with Melissa’s help I will soon be doing that for myself.” Sarah O., LaCrosse, WI

“I started seeing Melissa when I wanted to find a fulfilling, heart-centered career that resonated with me. While I was already in the helping professions, I felt like I was contorting myself to be someone else. The field was ripe with exciting options, but I was so overwhelmed and intimidated about making “the right choice” I didn’t know in which direction to go. Melissa helped me feel comfortable with and embrace the uncertainty, discover my inherent gifts, and move through those tendencies and thought patterns that were getting in my way. I also found myself compelled to work on seemingly unrelated issues–relationships–and found that our work was more than realizing certain goals, it was about learning how to tune in to myself so I could live with more balance, peace, and awareness so I could honor myself no matter what issues I was confronted with. I completed our coaching series feeling more confident, open, and hopeful for what my life was to bring. I have returned to Melissa from time to time, when I needed a little extra guidance in sorting out the sometimes conflicting voices within. It has now been a few years since my first meeting with Melissa and can say that I have given myself the freedom to explore, and get messy… this was something that I never allowed myself to do before. In the process my career path has steadily revealed itself to me, and I am now full-heartedly pursuing work that is nurturing and enhances my spiritual development (and other’s as well). I know that my work with Melissa helped me to have the self-reliance, courage, and compassion to live authentically, and highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a heart-centered coach who looks at all aspects of who you are.” Sarah, B., Madison, WI

The Next 28 Days of Self-Love begins on October 30th, 2016. Register now to ensure your spot!

28 Days of Self-Love

       $197 USD (*or sign-up with a friend for $127!)

*for the sign-up with a friend option, include the name of the person joining you in the special instructions when checking out on PayPal, and have your friend do the same.

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GlamourShot70About Melissa Simonson: As a catalyst for powerful transformation and an ambassador of radical self-love, it is Melissa’s commitment to help as many people as possible claim their birthright: to boldly love and CELEBRATE the beautiful, powerful beings that they are. A trained Spiritual Life Coach since 2006, Astrologer, Storyteller & Singer-Songwriter, she founded JoyDiva™ & released her debut album of original songs “Be a Light” in 2011. In addition to her one-on-one Astrology work and group coaching, she now creates life-changing keynote presentations, retreats and workshops infused with her uplifting music, fiercely honest sharing & powerful inquiries. Melissa dares & inspires all who cross her path to discover the extraordinary things that can happen when they fall truly, madly & deeply in love with themselves. To learn more and/or to book Melissa for your event, visit: http://melissasimonson.com